When it comes to beautiful coastlines and natural geographic wonders, Turkey resembles fabulous beauty of nature and favorable touring spot in the world. According to the UNWTO, Turkey was ranked in the 6th place on ranking of World’s Top Tourism Destinations accommodating more than 31.5 million foreign tourists only in 2014.

In a busy world, “Zemexpert” VIP Services provide our VIP clients with a set of luxury services and satisfy our discerning high class of Clientele within shortest period of time with deals of competitive quality. . As an independent company, we work with national and international partners and no matter the operator, we can search a wide range of suppliers to match-make the best possible deals for our clients. Our aim is to exceed our client’s every expectation. Since our business aims at building trust for our provided services, pre-considerations for the benefit of our clients are the center of our everyday communications. Therefore, we are here to offer unique experience with our high quality arrangements, including shopping, cruises, long haul adventures, business meetings, and consultations for any transactions and financial assets management in Turkey. The following executive care services are arranged and provided at your disposal in Turkey, after only one business day of your request:

  • Exclusive journey deals (flexible and high class flights/, VIP pick-up, luxury hotel)
  • Inclusive transportation (luxury car with a private chauffeur and escort)
  • Excursions and travel tours (professional tour guide or/and interpreter)
  • Hire vehicle, yacht, airplane or helicopter
  • Pleasant leisure (shopping, Spa & Wellness, cultural show and entertainment programs)
  • Holiday villas and apartments for rental
  • Event management, consultation on business investments, real-estate market and legal procedures in Turkey
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