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During our journey of pilgrimage, we suggest you to ascend to the mountain Beykoz in an eponymous district of Istanbul.

At the top of the mountain, there is Saint Joshua's grave. Many Muslims consider this place as sacred and go there to heal their diseases. In Muslim traditions, it is believed that Joshua is buried at the mountain Beykoz. Sufis consider Joshua as companion of Saint Moses and according to a legend, he was buried precisely at the mountain Beykoz. Based on Sufis legend, Joshua was cut in two during the battle, leaving the lower part of his body he climbed the mountain and died there. Body was so long that the tomb turned out 17 meters long.

There is also another point of view: Russian scientists G.V. Nosovsky and Anatoly T. Fomenko believe that mountain Beykoz and tomb of Saint Joshua is actually Calvary or place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Scientists argue that, this point of view is not accepted by historical science. On the mountain, there are ruins of an ancient church, a mosque, a holy spring ayazma. The tomb of Joshua itself is surrounded with stonewall that forms a yard with two entrances, to one of which, pilgrims enter to get round the tomb, and then exit from another entrance. There are many arguments, about what actually is that place. However, true faith does not need proofs. That is why every year more and more pilgrims are going there.

Next historical construction in our journey is Rustem Pasha Mosque. It is named in honor to vizier, husband of daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent. Rustem-Pasha organized and paid the construction of the mosque. Architect of this mosque was extraordinary man, an architect who does not need architectural planning, Mimar Sinan. He used porcelain tile patterns of Ottoman art in Rüstem Pasha Mosque. Mosque is located in the center of district Eminonu.

Let us finish our journey with a visit of Fatih Mosque (Mosque of Mehmed the Conqueror) — – one of the biggest mosques of Istanbul which has two minarets. Location of mosque is in eponymous district in European side of city.


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