Turkey is the holy land for different faiths. This is the land of St.Nicholas and Joshua, the conqueror of Jericho. This is the motherland of the Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Rumi, author of the memorable poem "Masnavi", also called "rhymed psalms of Islam," and the founder of the "whirling dervishes order" – Mevlevi. Ever since the days of ancient Byzantium, which left a legacy of its grand architectural monuments, first of all the majestic church Hagia Sophia, Istanbul serves as the seat of the throne of the Patriarch of Constantinople. Mount Ararat, venerated not only by Christians but also by Muslims, because according to tradition here stopped the Ark of Noah (the Muslim Prophet Nuh) is also on Tukish land. By the way, according to legend, Noah is considered to be the forefather of ancient Turks. Thus, many peoples and religions have their ancient roots and unique historical heritage in this land. The unique church of Kiriya would certainly surprise its visitors with the mosaics preserved intact since the 14th century, which reflect the apocryphal stories that were not included into the Biblical canon. A special solemnity surrounds the mausoleum of Yusha bin Nun (Joshua), located in half an hour driving distance from the European part of Istanbul. Topkapi Palace, containing a unique Muslim relics, including the hair from the beard of Prophet Muhammad and the personal arms of the first Islamic caliphs, deserves no less attention than Hagia Sophia, the later first being the church, then turned into mosque, and finally – into museum, thus being the universal cultural and religious heritage. No matter what denomination you belong to, it is impossible to neglect the sacred relics associated with the spiritual history of civilization, where East and West, Europe and Asia, are crossed with each other, where Muslim and Christian worlds for many centuries maintain their silent dialogue in the language of sanctuaries and solemn prayers read over them. Certainly, God is One for all and hears everyone.

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