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The Sea, sun, wind - all of this are in excess in Turkey. However, one must know enjoying the sea rest, at its most. Company ZEMexpert, offer guests in Turkey opportunity to have maximum of the sea. 
Yacht trips along the most beautiful coasts of Turkey - is one of the possible options yacht vacations. These trips can be made with large companies as well as alone with a loved one - it all depends on the circumstances. Yacht tours on any of the four seas of Turkey can be combined with the events on board, with submersions under water or fishing. Whether You select diving or a romantic dinner, or fun games while Your yacht walk - in any situation with You on board, there will be experienced instructors, trained team, and proven staff. 
All seas washing the shores of Turkey, keep no less the secrets of the history and culture of this region than inland. During yacht tours, You will learn many facts; You will see new perspective coastal cities, which are the fingerprints of ancient history. Palaces and the ruins of pagan temples and mosques - many of them facing facades to the sea, thus trips on yachts will give You the opportunities to take a fresh look at the famous sights. With yacht trips, You can perfectly combine informative rest with rocking on the sea waves and unforgettable exotic landscapes. 
Regattas on yachts - another unusual way to relax at sea. Travel regatta yachts contain an element of race. The spirit of competition, which burdens us in everyday life here, gets healthy shape: waves, wind against Your face, union of team, the excitement. 
Yacht regatta will add to sea promenade a special charm. Such alternative holiday will give You lots of positive and unfamiliar for city life emotions. 
ZEMexpert Company continually strives to make available to You a complete list of all the most unusual, interesting and exciting novelty in the tourist world of Turkey.


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