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Quad-Safari – is one of the alternative tours offered by company ZEMexpert. 
If You have desire to mix measured tours with a clear timetable and route, if You want to change the passive refreshment on the beach, if the stored energy within You breaks out, then ride a quad bike in Turkey - this is mostly the best alternative. 
Our experts have developed interesting routes, taking into account all of the features of this transport, which are the mixtures of the extreme of motorcycles and excellent passability of rover. Improved passability and ease of control makes quad bikes the safest among this type of transports, without losing most exciting advantages. By quad touring in Turkey, You will enjoy the excellent climate, beautiful scenery, coolness of the rivers, shades of forests and the hot sun, while You will be constantly in motion. You will enjoy managing powerful and daring quad bike during Your rest in Turkey. 
Quad safaris in Turkey have several advantages. First, it is perfectly suitable for quad safari combinations and frequent change of the landscapes. Starting Your quad safari on the beach, You will have time to visit forests and mountains and cross the rivers and stop near scenic waterfalls. All depends on the chosen route and Your endurance. 
The second irrefutable argument in favor of quad bike safaris in Turkey is the most favorable climate of majority of districts in the country. In southern Turkey, it is possible to perform quad safari the whole year round, just wearing a light jacket in the winter and taking it off in the summer. 
Another fact of no small importance that adds appeal to the quad safari in Turkey – is affordable prices. Many pleasant experiences and vivid sensations for real money make the stay even more enjoyable. 
Extreme, daring and safe quad bikes will not leave indifferent active and curious traveler.


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