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Fishing takes a huge place in the history of all peoples. Every country has an army of anglers. Some perceive it as a vacation, a distraction from the worries, others - as a remedy for stress. There are people for whom fishing is a sport. Some people fish for the process, others – to feast. In anyway, fishing loved worldwide and varied in each country. 
We invite You to learn what is fishing in Turkey. 
Turkey can please You with different options: sea fishing, river fishing, and fishing in the lakes. 
Sea fishing in Turkey is a special story. Fish is caught on an industrial scale and straight on the beaches. You can meet local anglers who are sitting on a chair on the beach, casts the hook straight in the waves, and then cook the catch, in the evening for a dinner. 
However, of course the most enjoyable way of sea fishing in Turkey is directly from the specialized for lucky fishing yacht and remote from civilization coast. Amazing sceneries, peace and a sea of fish, both literally and figuratively. 
We are confident that with fishing tour will be interesting to all guests in Turkey, not just the avid anglers. Both moms and children will try to catch a beautiful fish. Learning how to cast a fishing rod with guaranteed pull of the lucky catch from water, will be interesting to everyone without exceptions. And who knows, maybe You will like fishing in Turkey so much, that just-fishing excursions will not be enough for You and fishing will become Your favorite sport. 
Life in the big metropolises and in the cities more and more pushes us away from nature and deprives us from the opportunities to enjoy the skills that were passed down to us, through the centuries from our ancestors. 
Many of us have forgotten how nice it is just to sit with a fishing rod, listening to the silence. And many had never tried fishing. We do not find much time in the middle of busy year for such joy as fishing. However, when You live to see Your legal furlough, we urge You to take a moment to arrange a fishing trip in Turkey. 
Incredible amount and variety of fish in the rivers, lakes and seas of Turkey is the best suited for a perfect fishing hike or even for a fishing trip.


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