Resorts in Turkey to date are the most attractive and profitable tourist destination. The combination of all the essential attributes of an exotic holiday and the most favorable proposals prices means that buying trip to Turkey will be a great investment.

We suggest you to create your own tours in different cities of Turkey: it could be one city and the whole trip around the country. In this case you will choose the city or can use already prepared routes. We offer tours that combine the hotels with the best traveler reviews, interesting excursions, a convenient shuttle service. Excursions are compiled according to the principle " the best and most extraordinary" taking into account all most famous attractions, as well as the list includes historic sites which are often neglected by tourists but play an important cultural role.

In compiling of a combined tour with our consultants you will determine the length of stay, destinations, hotel type, interests. You will choose tour packages or individual tours and to agree on shuttle service. You decide what will be your vacation.

If you trust selection of travel our professionals, the purchase of the tour is even easier: the journey thoroughly thought through is ready for booking.

For people accustomed to plan your holiday in advance the most appropriate will be booking tours beforehand. To buy a tour and timed a trip to some important event , to give holiday to close people, to send their children to the sea on summer vacation are these all events better think carefully.

But for those who make decisions spontaneously nothing is impossible too. Whether it's popular destinations such as Istanbul and Antalya or unusual tours of religious holy sites or medical clinics - we can always find something that is important to you today.

Another kind of tour is always in demand of tourists it last minute. Profitability of such proposals attracts those who know that is always ready for adventure and appreciates the pragmatic approach to the rest.

Zemexpert create ideal vacation for you. Our tours to Turkey created so that the trip turned out better than you expect. Exclusive, unique, "last minute", economical - each tour conceived as the ideal. Holidays in Turkey it's fun.

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