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The Topkapi Palace+ Harem - At the most extreme end of the peninsula of Istanbul , on the hill that from all sides washed by the waters of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea , proudly stands Topkapi Palace complex, securely banded by high fortress wall. This palace for nearly three centuries served as the residence of the sultans. More than 50,000 people have lived and worked in the palace premises. It was a true city within a city with its own mosques and Turkish baths. And today you can see the fabulous imperial halls, the armory, the famous treasury, which holds Sultan amazing collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain. Today's visitors of the Topkapi Palace Museum are very lucky - they are free to take a tour to the harem, consisting of a single complex of buildings which protected by the high wall, designed to hide beautiful concubines from human eyes. Earlier penetration to the harem by any outsider threatened with the death penalty. These strict regulations were introduced not only because there lived concubines , but also the children of the Sultan, including the most revered woman of the Ottoman Empire - " Walid - Sultan " the mother of the Sultan.


Dolmabahce Palace + HAREM- became a symbol of greatness and decline of the Ottoman Empire. The palace was built in 1842 by architect Karabetom Balian for the Sultan Abdulmedzhid I, who was intending to move here from Topkapi Palace residence in 1853. The architecture of the Dolmabahce Palace has quite mixed style of the so-called Ottoman renaissance. the palace has a collection of paintings by well-known Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky . this palace is very luxury. Only gilding took 14 tons of gold , 40 tons of silver. Antique furniture from France, china and vases, silk and crystal chandeliers and candlesticks - this is an incomplete list of items imported from other countries and by special order . Be sure to note the beauty and splendor of the most valuable silk carpet .


Walk along the Bosphorus - an unforgettable journey through the most beautiful strait between Europe and Minor Asia, connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. According to legend, the Strait got its name from the daughter of the ancient king - a great lover of Zeus named Io was turned bu him into a white cow to escape the wrath of his wife Hera. Desperate Io elected waterway to save her, diving into the blue of the strait, that has been called since a " cow- ford " or the Bosphorus .

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