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Dolmabahce Palace - became a symbol of greatness and decline of the Ottoman Empire. The palace was built in 1842 by architect Karabetom Balian for the Sultan Abdulmedzhid I, who was intending to move here from Topkapi Palace residence in 1853. The architecture of the Dolmabahce Palace has quite mixed style of the so-called Ottoman renaissance. the palace has a collection of paintings by well-known Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky . this palace is very luxury. Only gilding took 14 tons of gold , 40 tons of silver. Antique furniture from France, china and vases, silk and crystal chandeliers and candlesticks - this is an incomplete list of items imported from other countries and by special order . Be sure to note the beauty and splendor of the most valuable silk carpet .


Chalet Pavilion in the Palace of Yildiz - Yildiz Palace is a palace and park complex in Istanbul , which served as the main residence of the Ottoman Sultans from the time of Abdul Hamid II. The palace was built in the late XIX century. It offers spectacular views of the Bosphorus. The building of the palace exhibits unsurpassed luxury interior decoration. Located in the heart of a vast park of the palace with its pavilions surrounded by greenery that surprises with its diversity . One of the most impressive buildings of the palace complex was povilon Yildiz Chalet - a large wooden house , designed for guests of honor of the Sultan Abdul - Hamid II. It was built in the XIX century and consists of 3 adjacent parts erected at different times. In the ceremonial hall there is tremendous handmade silk carpet covering the floor, and the bedrooms have a carved oak furniture made himself by the Sultan Abdul - Hamid II.


Ortakoy , Besh'ktash - Ortaköy is situated on the banks of the Bosphorus. Attracts everyone, not only for its location and stunning views of the Bosphorus , there is some special charisma exists.

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