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Museum layouts "Miniaturk" - One of the great new attractions of Istanbul, situated on the left bank of the Golden Horn . In the park exhibited models of Turkey architectural objects and other countries, made in 1:25 scale . The creators of the park devided " Miniaturk " in three parts: Anatolia , Istanbul and the former territories of the Ottoman Empire, now owned by the neighboring states . The exhibits of the park represent the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey , covering a period of nearly three thousand years - from ancient times to the Byzantine Empire from the Seljuks to the Ottomans. Endustrial Rahmi Koç Museum - was founded by the Turkish millionaire. Turkish philanthropist organized the first and largest museum in the country , which is devoted to the history of transport, industry and the means of communication in the country.


Industrial Museum - this is not just a collection of certain exhibits. The creators wanted to create the most interactive and fun museum for visitors . Among the exhibits you can see things of everyday life, created by talented engineers and craftsmen, but they dressed them in a rather interesting and unusual shapes . Interpreting so human ingenuity . The collection includes thousands of items, some of them are as tiny phonograph needles, with ships and aircraft in actual size .


Maritime Museum - located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait , in the Besiktas district , next to the park where the tomb and monument of the Turkish admiral Barbaros Khairetdin is . In the main building museum has an interesting collection , which occupies an important gallery of historical boats. The main building of the museum consists of 3 floors, each of them has a large number of rooms and halls . They exhibit models of ships , and in some departments, you can see private yacht of Ataturk. The walls are hung with paintings of nautical theme. Among them there is even Aivazovsky. On the second and third floors of the museum's is exhibition of weapons of different periods , battle guns , flags. The museum also includes different periods clothing of the Navy.

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