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Hippodrome - the territory of the ancient hippodrome , the construction began at the end of the II century under the Roman emperor Septimius Severus . In the IV century Emperor Constantine creating the new capital completely rebuilt it. For convenience, he even joined his imperial box with the Grand Palace . After the reconstruction the Hippodrome was the second largest after Rome and could accommodate 100,000 people .


Underground reservoir Erebatan - one of the largest and best-preserved ancient reservoirs of Constantinople. Construction of the tank was started by the Greeks during the reign of Emperor Constantine I and completed in the year 532 under the Emperor Justinian . The vaulted ceiling of the tank supported by 336 columns of 8 meters high . Most of the columns taken from ancient temples , so they have different kinds of marble and the type of treatment , some consists of one , the other of two parts.


Topkapi Palace – At the most extreme end of the peninsula of Istanbul , on the hill that from all sides washed by the waters of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea , proudly stands Topkapi Palace complex, securely banded by high fortress wall. This palace for nearly three centuries served as the residence of the sultans. More than 50,000 people have lived and worked in the palace premises. It was a true city within a city with its own mosques and Turkish baths. And today you can see the fabulous imperial halls, the armory, the famous treasury, which holds Sultan amazing collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain.


Hagia Sophia - In the past, the main church of Eastern Christianity . This unique temple became the apex of Byzantine architecture, for many centuries it has identified the development of architecture in Western and Eastern Europe. Up to 360 years at this place was a pagan temple of Artemis. Emperor Constantine put in this place a small church in honor of St. Sophia . And in the VI century , according to legend , the Emperor Justinian in a dream saw an angel that brought him the plan of building a new grand temple. Hagia Sophia museum in one of the world”s 4 equal in scale masterpieces such as the Church of St. Paul in London , San Pietro in Rome and houses in Milan. According to Russian legend, Prince Vladimir sent here his ambassadors who had to tell him about the Christian religion . When they visited the church of Hagia Sophia , they were so amazed what he saw that they reported Prince Vladimir they not just visited a church , but the heaven.


The Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the greatest masterpiece of not only Islamic, but also the world”s architecture. The name " Blue " mosque has received thanks to the huge , more than 20,000 number of blue and white handmade ceramic tiles. The architecture combines the two styles - classic Ottoman and Byzantine . In the patterns of the mosque were dominated floral motifs - the traditional tulips , lilies, carnations and roses , and ornaments of different colors on a white background. In addition, it has been estimated that for patterns of ceramic tiles were used more than 50 variations of the image of tulips. One of the striking elements of the mosque is the mihrab - prayer niche , which is carved from a single block of marble. It fitted with black stone brought from Mecca .


Walk along the Bosphorus - an unforgettable journey through the most beautiful strait between Europe and Minor Asia, connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. According to legend, the Strait got its name from the daughter of the ancient king - a great lover of Zeus named Io was turned bu him into a white cow to escape the wrath of his wife Hera. Desperate Io elected waterway to save her, diving into the blue of the strait, that has been called since a " cow- ford " or the Bosphorus .

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