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Great Women of Istanbul

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Excursion’s code: FD VJS
Time: 09.00-14.00. Every Friday.
Price without entrance tickets — 30 euro.
Price including entrance tickets — 65 euro.
This tour program has been developed for a long time ago, but we conducted it individually, almost exclusively. Now you have an opportunity to follow this excursion with a group or order it together with the package «Magnificent Century».

You can find a lot of beautiful women in the rich history of Istanbul, but there are a few names that have a special meaning: Sofia, Hjurrem, Mihrimah. So excursion program «Great Women of Istanbul»
built around these names.

During this excursion you will see:

Hagia Sophia;
The Maiden Tower;
Haseki Hjurrem-Roksolana Mosque;
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

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