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Beylerbeyi Palace - was the summer residence of the sultans, but more used to host foreign guests of honor. It is located on the Asian side, on the banks of the Bosphorus. It was built in 1861 y. of white marble and stone and is Baroque. The palace itself is small: 6 state rooms and 26 rooms. Inside the palace European style echoes with oriental. Palace has Egyptian floor mats, Bohemian crystal chandeliers, Chinese and Japanese porcelain, French clocks, hand-woven carpets. Around the palace there is magnificent garden with magnolia trees and sculptures imported from Europe. Walking up to the second level of the park, you see huge swimming pool. And here is a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.


Maiden's Tower - known as Kiz Kulesi, one of the most romantic symbols of Istanbul. It is built on a tiny island right in the center of the Bosphorus , at the entrance to the harbor of Istanbul. A small island, which history dates back 2,500 years ago, was a silent witness to the formation of Istanbul, as the mysterious flower on the Bosphorus . Turning to the facts of history can say that in 341 BC Maiden's Tower was a tombstone , and later in 110 AD - Defensive building, and in 410 AD it was restored and was used as a customs point for monitoring the passage of ships through the Bosphorus.


Mihrimah Sultan Mosque ( Fatih ) - The architectural ensemble is one of two ensembles , built in honor of the daughter of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and Hürrem ( Roksalana ) Mihrimah Sultan . Built in 1548 the historic ensemble, is located opposite the Uskudar . Constructed by architect Mimar Sinan, at the same time as Şehzade Mosque, the ensemble consists of mosques, schools, tombs of Sinaneddin Yusuf and the Grand Vizier İbrahim Ethem Pasha. The dome of the mosque has a diameter of 10 meters with two minarets at each one Sharaf, and a marble mihrab minber reflect the characteristics of the classical Ottoman architecture. The mosque is one of the few historical monuments located on the Asian side of Istanbul and preserved the traces of the past . On the seaward side of the ensemble, surrounded by perimeter Open terrace is made of marble icosahedral shadyrvan. Some say this mosque is like a «woman dressed in skirts that creep along the ground».


Chamlydzha Lookout - is located at an altitude of 263 m above sea level, on top of the District Beylerbeyi Palace,and is one of the highest points of the Bosphorus and Istanbul . From its top there is beautiful scenery on the water surface of the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus and the Princes' Islands, also known as Adalar.

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