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Museum of mosaics in the Church Choir - the ancient church of Christ the Savior in the chorus (the field ), one of the surviving masterpieces that gave us the Byzantine Empire . For several centuries, the church was rebuilt several times , to come to our time building does not preserve any traces of early Byzantine architecture. The main treasure of the church is not architecture, but frescoes and mosaics of the XIV century. Decorating the temple the great logofets Theodore Metochites, at the court of the Emperor Andronicus II, spend all his fortune . Even after many centuries mosaics and frescoes of Chora Church struck by its beauty. The frescoes and mosaics of Chora Church reprecent the earthly life of Jesus Christ, the life of the Virgin and the pastoral ministry of Christ .


Church Balikli - this ancient source , received the status of the Christian shrines for centuries was famous for miracles , and the place was very honored . According to church tradition , in the V century, The future emperor Leo Markelll, then a mere governor , on a hot day met here weakened by thirst blind man. Compassionate warrior began to search the water. At the same time he heard the wonderful voice of the Virgin, who pointed to the source and ordered to built there a temple. That water returned blind man his sight. Few years later the emperor Leo built a church in this place, and commanded to write an icon. When Emperor Justinian built here a new church , using in building materials left over from the construction of Agia Sophia, and the men's monastery was based. At the moment, it is an active nunnery.


City Walls - a 408-413, the Eastern Roman Empiror Theodosius II built new walls of length 5630 m. In 447 there was an earthquake that caused the collapse of the Theodosiev walls. To restore the protection of Constantinople before the fortifications were duged a wide ditch. In addition to the inner wall were added, up to 12 m high and 5 m wide towers. Each of them had a hexagonal or octagonal shape. The distance between the towers, which were built around 100, was 55 m, their height was 20 meters to the bottom tier of each tower was located grocery store. The outer fortification wall had 96 towers, 10 of which could enter the city. There were the three marble triumphal arches, crowned with the figure of the winged goddess Nike. Pass through these gates could only emperor. For all other paved the way side. It is believed that the Golden Gate of Constantinople became the prototype of similar structures in Kiev.


Yedi Kule fortress - the result of Byzantine works first, and then the Turkish military engineers. Two huge square pylon -tower between the Byzantine Golden Gate, built in the time of Theodosius. After the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans they built a triumphal arch behind the former three towers joining them by a high wall with towers near the Golden Gate , and have created a fortress with seven towers and a large courtyard . The fortress was used as a place where the state criminals and subjects of the Sultan who caused his righteous anger were delivered. In this prison the ambassadors of foreign states with which the Ottoman Empire began the war were the frequent visitors. In addition to the prison here, for robust walls, also situated the treasury .


Church of Our Lady Blakhernae - built in the fifth century over the highly regarded in pagan times sacred healing spring, considered tears of the Virgin Mary. Vlakhernsk church was one of the main shrines of Constantinople: it kept Mary”s cover and belt secretly taken out by pilgrims from Jerusalem. The most important of Vlakhernsk miracles connected with Russia. In the 9th century, when the pagan Rus besieged the Castle-King, while serving in Vlaherna Church of Our Lady of the defenders of the all city was covered with her riza (cover). After that omophorion (in Greek - a robe, cover) plunged into the waters of Golden Horn, and at the same moment a storm had risen and scattered the Russian boats. It made a lasting impression: since the adoption of Christianity in Russia, one of the major holidays of the Russian church is covered.

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