Business XXI acquired new specifics namely today to establish a productive and harmonious work of the staff in the tourism industry was formed an entire branch- MICE. 
MICE it is the abbreviation is familiar to every modern creative and visionary business owner. 

MICE decrypted as follows: 

Conferences / Conventions 
Exhibitions / Events 
These events are aimed at ensuring that each member business team individually and the entire team as a whole worked most productively. Harmonization of relations within the team, motivation and attitude on self-motivation, determination of valuables in internal and external relations of the company, a clear reference to the overall goal of the company without losing the individuality of each employee - that's the philosophy of MICE, an integral part of modern business philosophy. 
MICE - is the implementation of several important stages of building a business: 
- Employee motivation; 
- Encouraging of employees; 
- Training of employees; 
- Testing of employees; 
- The creation of a cohesive team. 
The program aimed at harmonizing of the collective, blends perfectly with such tasks as participation in exhibitions, shows, forums, promotion of new products and brands through presentations, networking with clients, hold meetings of top managers or shareholders of companies. 
Overall development and promotion of the product directly depends on the atmosphere within the team. Good boss is committed to ensuring that every employee were with the feeling their uniqueness and respecting shared values. 
Each of the items MICE includes more specific concepts. 
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