Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, which manifests itself in the form of red or gray overly dry spots on the skin often accompanied by inflammation and itching. More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from various forms of psoriasis. Scientists are not fully understood all the mechanisms of the process, flow and cure of this disease until now . Genetics research show that a certain set of genes determines susceptibility to a particular type of psoriasis. These data confirm that psoriasis is a hereditary disease. Autoimmune or immunopathological nature of this disease makes it even more dangerous to humans.

Concomitant diseases and problems.

Psoriasis can spread not only across the surface of the skin, but be transformed in psoriatic arthritis, which affects the joints. Besides physical ailments psoriasis can cause psychological problems such as depression, appearance accentuation, in some cases social phobia. Psychological barrier and constant stress lead to problems with the cardiovascular system. Thus, one can say that psoriasis is not a skin disease only. This is a complex problem. But most importantly to remember that both the symptoms and with the disease itself can and must fight.

Psoriasis Treatment in Turkey.

Scientists developed a number of drugs for the treatment of psoriasis today . Medications are divided into several groups. In medical facilities Turkey are used both classic ways of dealing with psoriasis (medication, laser, cleansing of the body), and alternative and safest ie hydrotherapy and treatment of Garra Rufa fish . Patients themselves often note unwarranted as they think improvement or deterioration state of health . Cause really is have and this change of seasons (it is known that the solar time of the year a beneficial effect on the condition of patients with psoriasis), and also diet, and overall health of the internal organs. In Turkey all conditions contribute to the speedy relief or and even healing for psoriasis.

Treatment of fish in Turkey.

The unique technique to combat the symptoms and causes of psoriasis developed in Turkish clinics. Scientists have confirmed positive effect on the organism of natural thermal waters rich in diversity of trace elements, including selenium and zinc, which are most beneficial to the skin condition. Receiving water inside from healing springs combined with daily baths with massage effect contribute to the manifestation of psoriatic hotbeds. After these procedures is the next stage is treatment is fish Two species of fish swim in the pool with running water. Some fish clean the surface of human skin from dead skin cells from psoriatic pathogenic entities. Other fish being treated damaged skin it saliva, which has a disinfecting and healing action. This effect is enhanced due to the unique composition of thermal springs.

Reviews for the treatment of psoriasis by fish suggest that patients who tried the treatment in Turkey, certainly going to back to consolidate the results. Ideal medical complex of sunbathing, clean air, hot springs, mineral mud and miracle fishes contributes to the treatment and facilitation of of such a widespread disease as psoriasis.

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