Thermal springs of Turkey are famous around the world. During centuries an ancient history, beauty of surrounding landscape and healing properties of mineral waters attract those who wants to heal body and soul. Healing effect of thermal Turkish springs are well known since ancient times, but all the features and properties of hot mineral water have been fully explored only in 20th century. Sodium chloride composition of the thermal springs is complemented by set of elements, such as magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc and lots of other microelements. Such a composition of water with a 37 degrees temperature can give an incredible therapeutic effect. 

Turkish hotels with thermal springs are divided into specialized and wellness hotels. Mineral water of hot springs can completely cure or alleviate the symptoms of many diseases: problems with musculoskeletal, respiratory diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, and more. 

In thermal hotels of Turkey you can receive treatment or rehabilitation courses, and also use some prophylactic procedures. In addition to a healing effect you can also get an esthetic transformation. Mineral-rich water combined with baths and mud treatments can give an incredible anti-aging effect, improves the condition of hair, skin of the face and body. 

In the hotels with thermal pools you will get not only a recovery, but also a spiritual pleasure. The soothing effect of mineral baths, natural beauty, clean air and sunny days — all this will help to get rid of stress and give a mental relaxation. To achieve the health effect without any problems and complications you should carefully read the list of contraindications. Thermal springs of Turkey have a very strong effect on the body, so for avoiding harm to your health, do not neglect the warnings of experts. 

Turkish hotels with thermal springs are keeping the centuries-old tradition of natural healing and also based on the latest medical research. Rest and treatment in thermal hotels is the best way to improve your health and beauty and to get rid of nervous tension.

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